Adobe: Make The Cut

I have recently teamed up with another Emily Carr Alumnus, Alex Farah, to participate in a contest held by Adobe called, Make the Cut.

Within 25 days, people can download the raw(-ish) footage of the music video, Believer, by pop rock band, Imagine Dragons, and re-edit it all into a new cut. The list of prizes include a bunch of money and adobe subscriptions!

First, I must must must share the work made by Alex Farah, a talented up and coming live action Director!

Still of his film, Sahar, and a few of its many accolades: Watch the film

Still of his film, Sahar, and a few of its many accolades: Watch the film

As for the competition, I will upload the full edit once complete, but for a sneak peek here is a shot I've done some of the adobe stock footage we were given:


This May I will be participating with my company in our version of an art convention,


Except I will be doing my own twist on it.
Considering this is branded more as a company thing than a comic-specific thing, I've decided to take my liberty of asking if they were open to me selling my poetry book, to which they said yes!

So I am very excited to announce that I'll be officially putting my poetry book, Millennia Mammallia, out this May 12th!
Come visit my table and have a read!

Also, in regards to what is usually sold at a con, I know my illustration won't compete with the other talented artists at my company, so I'll be a small drop in the ocean of their talent that night. It will definitely be a treat to see their work, too! Come on by and gush at all the things!!

artwork by Svend Gregori

artwork by Svend Gregori

Upcoming Spring

Hey everyone! I posted about #inktober a while back, but I wound up losing that sketchbook basically immediately after the posting. Thus is life.

I've moved onto other projects since then and have some exciting things coming up this spring!
To begin, I will be taking my poetry to the next level and self-publishing a chapbook entitled Millennia Mammallia.

I figured it was about time I let go of the poetry I've been writing for the past few years and see what kind of response I get considering where I am at in life and what has been happening in world events lately.

I will be slowly posting poems I've decided not to include in the chapbook on my adjacent poetry blog here



Inktober 1: Fast

Hey everyone!

Been a while since I've updated my blogs. I've been busy with many things this year, some of which might see itself appear here!

Until then, it's October 2016 and I'll be doing #inktober this month with a poetic twist.


Alumni Interview

I was recently interviewed by Chantal Beaulne for the Emily Carr Animation Blog!
If you want to know more about the process behind my film and a whole lot of personal things about me that comes along with it, feel free to check it out: here


Also, on the note of my film. I wrote poetry to get my idea wrapped around what I was trying to make animation about.  It was back in the spring of 2013 that I was prepping for production, and I dove in head first into this poem that I became immensely passionate about - pretty soon it became it's own beast. The poem is called Departing Thoughts and I figure it's about time to put it up on the poem section. The process of making it really helped me overcome what I was going through and is something I'd love to share with anyone dealing with similar struggles. So, feel free to check that out too! 

Festival Run Continues

I've been pretty blessed these past few months - a lot of nice things going my way.
First of all, the last post I have up is about my film going online! Being able to share it with the online community is pretty liberating to do once and for all. Having a community support my film on social media was a nice bonus. Finally, I was able to show everyone whose been asking me about it, especially everyone close to me who supported me throughout the process.

The festival run hasn't stopped! I'm fortunate enough to be included into a few other film festivals coming up. First is the Canadian Labour International Film Festival, which focuses on media made about workers and the conditions under which they live, work, fight, and succeed in their daily lives. It also marks the first labour-oriented film festival in Canada, which is an important topic especially with the Canadian federal election having recently just wrapped up with a drastic change in government. Personally this festival brings another bonus in that it will be screening here in Vancouver, which will be it's hometown premiere outside of my school's screening over a year ago.

I've been included in another Canadian festival, Les Sommets Du Cinéma D'Animation. It is a festival based out of Montreal, which highlights Quebec and Canadian made animation in an international competition venue. This festival will also have fellow Emily Carr grads in show.  Katia Truong's, Mourning Morning, and Kate Grubb's, Dysmorphia, will be screening in the Québec-Canadian Student Panorama with my film while Natty Boonmasiri's, It's A Flower, will be screening in the International Student Competition. I wish all of them luck at this competition and at the rest of their run! I've linked their film trailers at the tail of this post.

Lastly I've been included in another online film festival, Blackbird Film Festival. As opposed to #TOFF this festival happens once a year. More details to follow.

Trailers of Emily Carr grads showcasing at Les Sommets Du Cinéma D'Animation:

Online Release

My film has been accepted into #TOFF The Online Film Festival!
It is a monthly film festival which hosts an array of short films that can be voted on through the website.  At the end of the month the most voted film will be considered 'Winner of the Month' and be considered as an 'Official Finalist' to compete against the other monthly winners of 2015.

Steadfast is fortunately selected to be included in the September festival, which is also set as the film's official online release.  Very excited to finally let go!

Also in the September festival, will be a film by a fellow Emily Carr graduate of my year, Anna Ngo, and her film, Dissonance.  It is a narrative drama that deals with transgender issues through the means of 2D animation.  The film itself won't be screened online like mine will, but will still go through a jury process.  Here is the trailer:

In other news, I have added a few new poems to my poetry blog: Back, Milestone, and Father, This Is Us. Feel free to check it out!

Fortunate Things - Part 2, Together

This past month I am proud to have helped out, now, Emily Carr University Graduate, and designer, Kevan D'Agostino, with showcasing his latest design endeavour.

Together is a platform meant to aid Patients with Alzheimer's Disease in having more engaging and meaningful experiences with family members and caregivers.


I was very pleased to hear that the project has been named

for Innovation in the Field of Psychological Health and Well Being

I helped Kevan in animating bookends to the video, which explains how the platform works and what it aims to achieve.

Next up we will see where this project will lead, particularly in terms of funding, as it has already garnered the attention in the medical field in Vancouver.  Hopefully, it can be implemented sooner than later to help any and every Patient with Alzheimer's Disease.  For more information, you can check out Kevan's website.

Fortunate Things - Part 1, Screenings

The months of April and May have been very good to me as I have plenty of great news to share.

Steadfast Screening

My short film, Steadfast, screened on April 17th at the Food & Farm Film Festival.
I was fortunate to have some family out in San Francisco attend the screening and see what's going on with the conversation about food.  I really want to try and find the rest of these films included in the program.

It feels great being part of the filmmaking happening right now trying to take on the very important issues of what system we are creating our food in.  I've been interested in the subject matter as of late and would recommend giving this podcast a listen in terms of hearing opinions on modern farming from an economic standpoint:


Brochure picture taken on my cousin's phone

Lastly, I just wanted to say that my film might be showing up in an online film festival later this summer, and perhaps lead to the online release of my film!  Something I've been aching to do for a while now.  Very excited!


Feature: Thalia McWatt

I would just like to have a proud boyfriend moment and showcase the 2D animation demo reel that Thalia McWatt just put online!  Its good to see it finally come together, and I'm proud to have helped her by making the little motion graphics intro.

She is currently looking for work in a 2D studio in Vancouver!




New Poems & A Collaboration

Firstly I have a few new poems up in my poetry section, Passing and Sincere. The former was sparked by the distance felt in social spaces whereas the latter was sparked by distance felt in intimate spaces - hearing about a few things going on in the lives of people close to me.

Next I'd just like to say that I am excited for a project I am working on with a former classmate of mine at Emily Carr, Kevan D'Agostino.  He is developing an interactive tool aimed towards helping Alzheimer's patients called, Together.  It aims to integrate several digital platforms to create better intimate experiences with the patients, their families, and the health care workers.

Gonna be a busy few weeks! Much excite!

New Section: Poetry!

Poetry section is up!
I've been writing more often recently to function as my creative outlet while working more hours.

The first poem I put up is titled, Blanket, and I began writing it in the days leading up to me moving out of my family home.  The feeling was hard to put into words to say the least.  Not long after finishing my move I put the finishing touches and am pretty happy about where it sits now.

Check it out if you like! Hope you enjoy it!

The New Year

I just want to put some thoughts down on how I feel about the turn over from 2014 to 2015.  Perhaps as a time-capsule type thing to look back on for when my mind has forgotten the tiny, special details about this moment in time.

First off, 2015 is lining up to be a very exciting year.  There are so many things to be looking forward to and I have a lot of 2014 to thank for that. 

Graduating from University was amazing.  I've been waiting ever since graduating to do a post like this to kind of look back.  Now, months later, I still don't expect myself to be able to capture how grateful I am for getting my degree because I went through such amazing experiences with such amazing people.  I had friends and family hold me up when I needed it, and honestly other times when it didn't feel like it. 

In 2014 I capped off a 4 year experience that showed me a larger range of high's and low's that I can now comprehend I am able to feel.  But most importantly, the rewarding moments of 2014 taught me that I shouldn't be afraid of that range - that I shouldn't be afraid of falling.

Because it's the getting back up that matters.  The response.  The revival.  The second wind.

It's the resolve that arises from some sort of survival instinct that defines who we are and what is important to us.  And it's grabbing onto that resolve with everything you've got, if but one step ahead of a lethargic abyss where everything is wrapped in the dead blanket of almosts.

In summary, 2014 was the reward I was slowly building towards for years.  But I had to teach myself how to see it that way for it to be that way - otherwise it might as well have been the same as any other.

One piece of that build is this website.  It is one of my personal physical manifestations of reminding myself of where I am now.  Same goes for that blue rain jacket I bought, or the BMO (half) Marathon that I signed up for, or my (hopefully) new apartment!


Those are some things I am going to be looking forward to in 2015. 
This upcoming year is probably the year I've had the most to look forward to ever in my life.

Thank you to every single person who has been a part of my life up to now, and thank you reader for actually reading this for some reason.


Cheers to you and to our limitation of moving only forward through the dimension of time.

- Jay

New Section!

First I'd like to announce I've added a new section to my website, Motion Graphics!

I've enjoyed dabbling in motion graphics and feel like there is so much to learn.  It seems every time I see a new motion graphics video online the realm of its possibilities keep expanding at exponential levels.

I most likely won't be posting many new things there in the near future with my animation work keeping me busy.  But that's a few things I've created so far.

- Jay

New Blog!


First of all thank you for visiting my website!  I hope you've enjoyed the work I am putting up.

Being that I've enjoyed blogging in the past I've decided to continue pursuing it, except here on my professional website.  Here, I want to talk about the transition from student into animation professional - going over my experiences and my findings.

I have a previous blog, which was more oriented towards my grad film.  That is where I pulled ideas and content from what I was working on and presented it on a format I can go back to and look at the kind of process I went through.  But I've decided that posting there isn't necessary for me anymore, despite trying to continue blogging related content even after completing the film.  If you like you can check it out in the ' +Steadfast ' section called Archive.

Otherwise this is now the one and only.
And either way a nice, fresh start is always a good feeling.

- Jay