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New Blog!


First of all thank you for visiting my website!  I hope you've enjoyed the work I am putting up.

Being that I've enjoyed blogging in the past I've decided to continue pursuing it, except here on my professional website.  Here, I want to talk about the transition from student into animation professional - going over my experiences and my findings.

I have a previous blog, which was more oriented towards my grad film.  That is where I pulled ideas and content from what I was working on and presented it on a format I can go back to and look at the kind of process I went through.  But I've decided that posting there isn't necessary for me anymore, despite trying to continue blogging related content even after completing the film.  If you like you can check it out in the ' +Steadfast ' section called Archive.

Otherwise this is now the one and only.
And either way a nice, fresh start is always a good feeling.

- Jay

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