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Festival Run Continues

I've been pretty blessed these past few months - a lot of nice things going my way.
First of all, the last post I have up is about my film going online! Being able to share it with the online community is pretty liberating to do once and for all. Having a community support my film on social media was a nice bonus. Finally, I was able to show everyone whose been asking me about it, especially everyone close to me who supported me throughout the process.

The festival run hasn't stopped! I'm fortunate enough to be included into a few other film festivals coming up. First is the Canadian Labour International Film Festival, which focuses on media made about workers and the conditions under which they live, work, fight, and succeed in their daily lives. It also marks the first labour-oriented film festival in Canada, which is an important topic especially with the Canadian federal election having recently just wrapped up with a drastic change in government. Personally this festival brings another bonus in that it will be screening here in Vancouver, which will be it's hometown premiere outside of my school's screening over a year ago.

I've been included in another Canadian festival, Les Sommets Du Cinéma D'Animation. It is a festival based out of Montreal, which highlights Quebec and Canadian made animation in an international competition venue. This festival will also have fellow Emily Carr grads in show.  Katia Truong's, Mourning Morning, and Kate Grubb's, Dysmorphia, will be screening in the Québec-Canadian Student Panorama with my film while Natty Boonmasiri's, It's A Flower, will be screening in the International Student Competition. I wish all of them luck at this competition and at the rest of their run! I've linked their film trailers at the tail of this post.

Lastly I've been included in another online film festival, Blackbird Film Festival. As opposed to #TOFF this festival happens once a year. More details to follow.

Trailers of Emily Carr grads showcasing at Les Sommets Du Cinéma D'Animation:

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