I take the meaning behind movement and purposeful stillness, quite seriously.


Alumni Interview

I was recently interviewed by Chantal Beaulne for the Emily Carr Animation Blog!
If you want to know more about the process behind my film and a whole lot of personal things about me that comes along with it, feel free to check it out: here


Also, on the note of my film. I wrote poetry to get my idea wrapped around what I was trying to make animation about.  It was back in the spring of 2013 that I was prepping for production, and I dove in head first into this poem that I became immensely passionate about - pretty soon it became it's own beast. The poem is called Departing Thoughts and I figure it's about time to put it up on the poem section. The process of making it really helped me overcome what I was going through and is something I'd love to share with anyone dealing with similar struggles. So, feel free to check that out too! 

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