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Festival Run

I'll start off with some good news - Steadfast will be heading to a few festivals in the coming weeks!  First, the Family and Forgiveness Film Festival, which actually happened this past weekend, featured a beautiful array of family-themed films. 

Up next will be Athens ANIMFEST, which features animation exclusively, starts up a week from now.  It will include a few films by fellow ECU classmates of mine: 
Ocule by Kristin Ruff-Frederickson
That Bitch Becky by Rebecca Rochon
APU by Sebastian Boisett

Finally, by mid April is the festival I'm most looking forward to, the Food & Farm Film Festival.   This festival curated its lineup towards food production to bring up the conversation about where our food comes from.

There’s a growing conversation about food; we want to know what we are eating, whether it’s healthy, where it comes from, who made or grew it, and if it’s sustainable. The food-consciousness movement is a powerful force, and we feel it needs a creative outlet.

I have family down in San Francisco who will be in attendance, which will be an honour in that 1) I become closer with them in that I am sharing personal work with them, and 2) they enter into a conversation about what's happening in food production especially after experiencing a drought in their area where water had to be conserved very severely over the course of a few months.

It's a conversation I would love to be a part of and am very happy to be able to contribute to an extent.

Next up I wanted to leave a side note that I'm going to make an effort to put up some poetry I have been working on as of lately.  It's functioned as my creative outlet as work has taken up a lot of my time - leaving me with little spaces to come out with a poem every now and then.  Hope you enjoy!

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