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Fortunate Things - Part 1, Screenings

The months of April and May have been very good to me as I have plenty of great news to share.

Steadfast Screening

My short film, Steadfast, screened on April 17th at the Food & Farm Film Festival.
I was fortunate to have some family out in San Francisco attend the screening and see what's going on with the conversation about food.  I really want to try and find the rest of these films included in the program.

It feels great being part of the filmmaking happening right now trying to take on the very important issues of what system we are creating our food in.  I've been interested in the subject matter as of late and would recommend giving this podcast a listen in terms of hearing opinions on modern farming from an economic standpoint:



Brochure picture taken on my cousin's phone

Lastly, I just wanted to say that my film might be showing up in an online film festival later this summer, and perhaps lead to the online release of my film!  Something I've been aching to do for a while now.  Very excited!


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