I take the meaning behind movement and purposeful stillness, quite seriously.



This May I will be participating with my company in our version of an art convention,


Except I will be doing my own twist on it.
Considering this is branded more as a company thing than a comic-specific thing, I've decided to take my liberty of asking if they were open to me selling my poetry book, to which they said yes!

So I am very excited to announce that I'll be officially putting my poetry book, Millennia Mammallia, out this May 12th!
Come visit my table and have a read!

Also, in regards to what is usually sold at a con, I know my illustration won't compete with the other talented artists at my company, so I'll be a small drop in the ocean of their talent that night. It will definitely be a treat to see their work, too! Come on by and gush at all the things!!

artwork by Svend Gregori

artwork by Svend Gregori

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