I take the meaning behind movement and purposeful stillness, quite seriously.



Sitting pretty on the moon
Where no one can see you
Was a little more lonely than planned.

But in the world of
Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
Murphy’s Law
And Rule of Thumb

How can this not have gone to plan?
Because this -
This was the swan song.

But how could we know about life,
Death, post-death, pre-life,
Post-pre-life-death, and the Matrix Trilogy?

Because once we began,
We just kept on going,
And expected that the world
Would keep on coming

That is, until we’ve decided
On the limits of our godliness

Now we are covered
In a lethargic blanket of almosts,
That puts us to sleep and forgets
To turn on the alarm.

But when we get out of bed
The floor isn’t there anyways
And neither is our feet

We signed a contract saying we would
Either sweep someone off
Or be swept off of them

So that they would
Make us pancakes in the morning
Without us having to get out of bed

And who needs feet
When the moon’s gravity
Keeps you suspended for longer

That way
We have less and less reasons
To come back down to earth.
Jay CastroComment