I take the meaning behind movement and purposeful stillness, quite seriously.


Father, This Is Us

Swiping through my iPod
Trying to find a new God.
Skipping church for years
So it's safe to say that I'm gone.
Swiped a twitter message
Crowd funding for Uganda
20 million followers
Tell each other that you gotta
Wrestling in a feud
Trying not to be rude.
Checking everybody's words
In case of any attitudes.
Pretty petty means going steady
Please, our royal rightness.
Never let them down,
Government, I digress.
We keep talking
And we fight so much,
When we don't
Accept change fast enough
My dad took a swig
And he passed me the bottle,
And he passed me a look-
And he regrets that I was cottled.
We're the gods of today,
Until our dreams are crushed.
We're gone-
Generation coming after us.
The last time I talked to you, God,
I was a young child willing to listen.
But it isn't even you,
With whom I feel the most distant.
Jay CastroComment