I take the meaning behind movement and purposeful stillness, quite seriously.


If Or Else

Intermittent Dads
That go for gold
Better win in winter
When the weather
Starts to cold
Ends are a means
To the varying unknown
Reason for converting
Expectations to a code
File after file
To an error we don’t know
Leaving our decision
To a feasible control
Meeting set for 9
To make sure we meet the goal
Miss the deadline
Make the money grab unfold
     Money doesn’t come to my account
     You’d better still be goddamned aroused
     More money being made by my spouse
     Kids better not want to be at the house
     Kids never feel at home anymore
     The echo never ends from the war
     Their wounds are a valley left to fill
     Gone dry by the damn wall they never thought they built
     Routine is a great way to cope
     Commit to education for a job you love the most
     Success isn’t anywhere
Be prepared to live a life of writing code
That would never misspell
Commands down the chain
Is the water draining well
Demands are the void
Where the hero always fell
Taking all the time to
Find the file installer
Makes the valley seem
Like it's slowly growing taller
Blocked by the view
Of your dad’s broken belt
At least they're proud
That you now make a dollar
Jay CastroComment